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What is E-Token ?

e-Token is hardware device, which is used to store Digital Signatures for security. It is secure device and certified by International standards (FIPS level I). (n)Code recommends all Digital Certificate subscribers to store their DSCs on e-Tokens. DSc stored in e-Token can not be copied to any other device. (n)Code offers quality Tokens from Aladdin, Israel.

e-Token is hardware mechanism used for password authentication via using identity management technique and provides hacking problem solution to the user. It fits in the USB port of the computer.

Besides, it is also very useful where security is must like personal computer or cyber café pc. It can be most widely used in accessing E-banking, E-commerce, stock trading, and online data and money transactions tasks.

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Benefits of e-Token

  1. e-Token gives mobility
  2. e-Token ensures that a person is not stuck up with a single computer for its usage. it can be used from remote locations.
  3. (n)Code customizes e-tokens before it hands it over so that the factory settings are changed and password is available with user only. User can change it on its receipt.
  4. e-Token ensures that DSC is not lost and hence legal identity over the Internet is maintained.
  5. e-Token protects DSC from viruses and even helps using the DSC for many other purposes.
  6. e-Token is widely being accepted in many online applications across the globe, it will help to access many such applications
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How does e-Token work?

  1. e-Token is a smart-card chip with USB interface that attaches in the USB Port.
  2. Drivers are to be installed, which are available free with the DSC or can be downloaded for free from our website.
  3. Immediately on insertion in the USB port of a PC, it begins to work. After plug in into the router e-Token asks for login to users, it encryp the user by asking private keys, digital certification and password.
  4. The user can then change the default setting of the system such as PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  5. It stores the changes and allows the user to access the Token with these changes, if another user tries to use the Token unable to match the information what e-Token asks, it doesn’t allow the other user to access the Token
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Supported operating systems   Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Mac OS X; Linux (32K and 64K token models only)
API & standards support   PKCS#11v2.01, Microsoft CAPI, PC/SC, X.509 v3 certificate storage, SSL v3, IPSec/IKE
Models   32K: Siemens CardOS / 32K memory
64K: Siemens CardOS / 64K memory
Java: Java Virtual Machine / 72K memory
Memory cell rewrites   At least 500,000
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e-Token is not a pen drive !!

e-Token fits into a USB port of a PC and looks pretty much similar to a pen-drive / flash drive / USB drive


the differences are as under

e-Token   Regular USB Drive / Pen Drive / Flash Drive
e-token is a secure device (Crypto storage device )   It is not a secure device
e-token comes with a smart chip which ensures multiple functions to secure your DSC   It is a regular storage device and does not have any chip or standard security features
e-token cannot be infected by viruses   It can be easily infected with viruses
Once a DSC is imported into an e-token, it is impossible to fetch it out or copy it even if you have complete control of the token   It is a simple key stroke function to copy or delete a DSC within a USB drive / flash drive / Pen Drive
It comes with a 10 million read write operations in its lifetime   There is no guarantee that your pen-drive cannot be formatted and no read write functions are attributed to it.
It is the most COST EFFECTIVE in its category   There are no standard pen drives that can beat e-token pricing
e-token complies to the IT Act 2000   IT Act 2000 does not mention such storage device
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